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What? Not a Supporter?

Anyone can become a supporter, really. All it takes is to follow the instructions. Joining us is like throwing snakes with your HIP 88LL ATG toHit DR aiming at enemy T-34 (side turret). I bet you can already feel the satisfaction, so don't wait for the rear turret facing - shoot now! There are more juicy targets for your BIG gun where Self-Rally supporters go.

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* What? How do you mean I am not a supporter? What is this s**t?! Let me in or I f**king kill you all f**king retarded cardboard pushing morons !! *
~ J. Stalin on failing to login
* Bua-ha-ha. Joe is not a supporter. Giggle giggle. Hey Joe! Watch me logging in! *
~ I. Lenin before login to Self-Rally.org
* Shut the f*** up, Lenny. Tell Joe to send 6,00 Eurubles to Self-Rally Platoon to fix his problem. Listen Joe - this is no capitalistic ploy; it goes to good cause. *
~ K. Marx on supporting Self-Rally Platoon