Special Service Ribbons

To insentivice players to play scenarios with less common ASL-rules, Self-Rally awards players with Special Service Ribbons.

Each ribbon lists either one or several ASL-rules that will the basis for the points to earn the ribbon. As soon as a player earns 10 points for a ribbon, he is awarded the bronze version of the ribbon. For 20 points the player receives the silver version and the golden version for 40 points. If a scenario features several of the listed rules, each occurence will add a point, so multiple points can be earned for a single game.

This page lists all the points earned by the players.

Air and Airbourne Combat Ribbon

Points gained for E7 Air Support, E8 Gliders, E9 Paratroop Landings

Golden Air and Airbourne Combat RibbonGolden
Vesa Virri: 78 pts
Silver Air and Airbourne Combat RibbonSilver
Timo Kärnä: 26 pts
Jarkko Autio: 21 pts
Bronze Air and Airbourne Combat RibbonBronze
Juha Pyykkö: 11 pts
Not yet Qualified
Juha Heino: 6 pts
Arto Junno: 2 pts
Gary Horst: 1 pts

Arctic Warfare Ribbon

Points gained for E3.7 Snow, E4 Ski Troops

Golden Arctic Warfare RibbonGolden
Vesa Virri: 91 pts
Silver Arctic Warfare RibbonSilver
Timo Kärnä: 36 pts
Jarkko Autio: 33 pts
Teemu Luoma: 25 pts
Juha Pyykkö: 24 pts
Bronze Arctic Warfare RibbonBronze
Pasi Heijala: 17 pts
Gary Horst: 15 pts
Juha Heino: 11 pts
Not yet Qualified
Arto Junno: 7 pts

Cave Fighting Ribbon

Points gained for G11 Caves

Golden Cave Fighting RibbonGoldennone
Silver Cave Fighting RibbonSilvernone
Bronze Cave Fighting RibbonBronzenone
Not yet Qualified
Vesa Virri: 2 pts

Desert War Ribbon

Points gained for F.1 Desert Rules

Golden Desert War RibbonGolden
Silver Desert War RibbonSilver
Vesa Virri: 30 pts
Bronze Desert War RibbonBronze
Timo Kärnä: 19 pts
Juha Pyykkö: 13 pts
Not yet Qualified
Arto Junno: 3 pts

Horse and Cavalry Ribbon

Points gained for A13 Cavalry, D12 Horse-Drawn Transport, G10 Animal Pack

Golden Horse and Cavalry RibbonGolden
Vesa Virri: 51 pts
Silver Horse and Cavalry RibbonSilver
Bronze Horse and Cavalry RibbonBronze
Timo Kärnä: 17 pts
Jarkko Autio: 13 pts
Not yet Qualified
Juha Heino: 2 pts
Gary Horst: 2 pts

Naval Combat Ribbon

Points gained for E6 Boats, G14 Seaborne Assaults, G14.6 Naval OBA

Golden Naval Combat RibbonGoldennone
Silver Naval Combat RibbonSilvernone
Bronze Naval Combat RibbonBronze
Jarkko Autio: 14 pts
Vesa Virri: 13 pts
Not yet Qualified

Night Combat Ribbon

Points gained for E1 Night

Golden Night Combat RibbonGoldennone
Silver Night Combat RibbonSilver
Vesa Virri: 23 pts
Bronze Night Combat RibbonBronze
Timo Kärnä: 13 pts
Not yet Qualified
Juha Heino: 2 pts
Gary Horst: 1 pts

Pacific Theater Ribbon

Points gained for G.1 PTO Terrain

Golden Pacific Theater RibbonGolden
Vesa Virri: 137 pts
Sami Pelkonen: 106 pts
Timo Kärnä: 53 pts
Juha Pyykkö: 51 pts
Silver Pacific Theater RibbonSilver
Sami Ayvasik: 27 pts
Bronze Pacific Theater RibbonBronze
Teemu Luoma: 19 pts
Pasi Heijala: 16 pts
Not yet Qualified
Gary Horst: 5 pts
Juha Heino: 5 pts
Arto Junno: 1 pts