ASL Journal #9

From * MMP

Publishing year: 2011

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
J140* All Down the Line322.900000 2.9
VotG22* Bark You Dogs!111.500000 1.5
J143* Circle of Doom00
J135* Diversion103.750000 3.8
J131* First Love103.500000 3.5
J145* Golden Pheasants103.250000 3.3
VotG23* Heroes of the Soviet Union00
J132* Jungle Infiltration203.416667 3.4
J134* Kerry's Crossing103.875000 3.9
J139* Light Aid Detached102.000000 2.0
J127* Messervy's Men352.833333 2.8
J129* Mountain Hunters423.656250 3.7
J136* Muddy Mayhem00
J137* No Mercy in Burcy102.000000 2.0
J133* One Miserable Night00
J128* Opium Hill102.750000 2.8
J142* Penny Packets104.500000 4.5
J138* Point to Make124.250000 4.3
J146* 202.625000 2.6
VotG24* Raid on Romintsev103.875000 3.9
J141* Riding with the King523.687500 3.7
J130* The Art of Dying202.937500 2.9
SCCGI* The Green Inferno00
J144* Three for the Third00
J126* Ugly Faces102.625000 2.6
VaN* Verdict at Nuremberg00