ASL Journal #11

From * MMP

Publishing year: 2016

CodeNameGamesCommentsAvg Rating
J162* African Brothers104.250000 4.3
J163* Aiding the Local Constabulary112.625000 2.6
J165* Among the Dead203.000000 3.0
J173* Assault on Baerendorf10
VotG26* Bad Day for the Luftwaffe00
J175* Bedburg Bite102.500000 2.5
J177* Coup De Main at Hamminkeln00
J176* Deadly Assumption00
HS33* Down on the Farm00
VotG27* Drama, the Park, and Deadly Things00
J169* Few and Far Between00
J167* Hart Attack303.875000 3.9
J174* Heart of Athena102.125000 2.1
J168* Katyusha's Embrace204.000000 4.0
J166* Maximum Aggression403.083333 3.1
J178* Old Friends103.250000 3.3
J172* Ramcke's Redoubt113.750000 3.8
J170* Red Churchills103.500000 3.5
J179* Resignation Supermen00
J161* Riding to the Rescue203.312500 3.3
J181* The Deadly Line241.500000 1.5
J180* The Hour Zero00
FB19* War Brotherhood10