Red Hill

Change made Editor Change Made
2009-04-27 18:53:22Lauri MattilaChanged game turns to 10.0
2013-02-07 09:40:12Lauri MattilaChanged AMERICAN to AMERICANS
2013-02-07 09:40:17Lauri MattilaAdded American infantry to AMERICANS counter set
2013-02-07 09:40:22Lauri MattilaAdded American vehicle to AMERICANS counter set
2013-02-07 09:40:28Lauri MattilaAdded Japanese infantry to JAPANESE counter set
2013-02-07 09:40:39Lauri MattilaAdded W1 to the overlays
2013-02-07 09:40:42Lauri MattilaAdded W3 to the overlays
2013-02-07 09:40:54Lauri MattilaAdded F.1 Desert Rules to the rules