Last Stand of the Besotten Jenny

Change made Editor Change Made
2010-04-11 14:11:16Vesa VirriCreated the scenario
2010-04-11 14:11:30Vesa VirriChanged date to May 5, 1945
2010-04-11 14:11:36Vesa VirriChanged location to AUSTRIA
2010-04-11 14:11:41Vesa VirriChanged initiative to DUAL ATTACK
2010-04-11 14:11:48Vesa VirriChanged game turns to 6.5
2010-04-11 14:13:09Vesa VirriAdded A1 Personnel Counters to the rules
2010-04-11 14:13:20Vesa VirriAdded A2.75 Specific Overlays to the rules
2010-04-11 14:13:26Vesa VirriAdded C2 Guns to the rules
2010-04-11 14:13:27Vesa VirriAdded D1 Vehicle Counters to the rules
2010-04-11 14:13:45Vesa VirriAdded 24 to the maps
2010-04-11 14:13:49Vesa VirriAdded 47 to the maps
2010-04-11 14:14:03Vesa VirriAdded Hd5 to the overlays
2010-04-11 14:14:19Vesa VirriAdded OG2 to the overlays
2010-04-11 14:14:29Vesa VirriAdded X19 to the overlays
2010-04-11 14:14:31Vesa VirriAdded X27 to the overlays