Fighting With the Devil

Change made Editor Change Made
2010-06-06 20:46:23Lauri MattilaCreated the scenario
2010-06-06 20:46:30Lauri MattilaAdded American infantry to AMERICAN counter set
2010-06-06 20:46:31Lauri MattilaAdded American vehicle to AMERICAN counter set
2010-06-06 20:46:41Lauri MattilaAdded Japanese infantry to JAPANESE counter set
2010-06-06 20:46:44Lauri MattilaAdded Japanese guns to JAPANESE counter set
2010-06-06 20:46:55Lauri MattilaChanged date to May 21, 1945
2010-06-06 20:46:58Lauri MattilaChanged location to PHILIPPINES
2010-06-06 20:47:02Lauri MattilaChanged initiative to AMERICAN
2010-06-06 20:47:05Lauri MattilaChanged game turns to 6.0
2010-06-06 20:47:12Lauri MattilaAdded A1 Personnel Counters to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:15Lauri MattilaAdded D1 Vehicle Counters to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:16Lauri MattilaAdded C2 Guns to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:19Lauri MattilaAdded G.1 PTO Terrain to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:20Lauri MattilaAdded G11 Caves to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:24Lauri MattilaAdded B30 Pillboxes to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:25Lauri MattilaAdded B28 Minefields to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:26Lauri MattilaAdded B27 Entrenchments to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:32Lauri MattilaAdded A2.75 Specific Overlays to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:47Lauri MattilaAdded C1 Offboard Artillery to the rules
2010-06-06 20:47:56Lauri MattilaAdded 2 to the maps
2010-06-06 20:47:59Lauri MattilaAdded 7 to the maps
2010-06-06 20:48:04Lauri MattilaAdded 36 to the maps
2010-06-06 20:48:10Lauri MattilaAdded G2 to the overlays