Shanghai by Sea

Change made Editor Change Made
2011-06-15 16:39:43Timo KärnäCreated the scenario
2011-06-15 16:39:49Timo KärnäAdded Chinese infantry to GMD counter set
2011-06-15 16:39:56Timo KärnäAdded Japanese infantry to JAPANESE counter set
2011-06-15 16:40:10Timo KärnäChanged date to Aug 23, 1937
2011-06-15 16:40:15Timo KärnäChanged location to CHINA
2011-06-15 16:40:19Timo KärnäChanged initiative to JAPANESE
2011-06-15 16:40:23Timo KärnäChanged game turns to 7.0
2011-06-15 16:40:28Timo KärnäAdded A1 Personnel Counters to the rules
2011-06-15 16:40:32Timo KärnäAdded B27 Entrenchments to the rules
2011-06-15 16:40:38Timo KärnäAdded A2.75 Specific Overlays to the rules
2011-06-15 16:40:43Timo KärnäAdded G.1 PTO Terrain to the rules
2011-06-15 16:40:44Timo KärnäAdded G14 Seaborne Assaults to the rules
2011-06-15 16:40:54Timo KärnäAdded E6 Boats to the rules
2011-06-15 16:41:17Timo KärnäAdded LFT1 to the maps
2011-06-15 16:41:18Timo KärnäAdded 49 to the maps
2011-06-15 16:41:29Timo KärnäAdded 1 to the overlays
2011-06-15 16:41:30Timo KärnäAdded X29 to the overlays
2014-03-05 17:12:07Sami AyvasikChanged title to Shanghai by Sea